fatty acid ethoxylate

Ethoxylated fatty Acid

Fatty acid ethoxylate are produced by the process of ethoxylation on fatty Acids like Coconut Fatty Acid, Lauric Acid, Oleic Acid and Stearic Acid. These are non-ionic surface-active agents manufactured by addition of ethylene oxide to fatty acids producing a range of ethoxylates having different moles of EO. A surface-active agent of surfactant refers to a chemical which when dissolved in another solvent aligns itself at the boundary of liquid and the stain molecules to alter the characteristics of the interface. In this context, surfactants have gained widespread usage as cleaning and emulsifying agents in household and industrial applications.

Fatty acid ethoxylate, range from clear liquid, pasty or waxy solids. This nature depends on the length of alkyl chain and the apparent number of ethoxyl groups. Non-ionic surfactants contain both hydrophobic tail portion and hydrophilic polar head groups. Thus, tend to dissolve in both aqueous and oil phase reducing the surface tension of liquids. The use of hydrophilic groups like EO brings about better solubility in water since more hydrogen bonding can exist. These Fatty acid ethoxylate do not dissociate in solution i.e. non-ionic in solution thus do not form charged particles with residual electrical charge. This means that these non-ionic Fatty acid ethoxylate surfactants will work well in hard water and also at low temperatures. Moreover, they exhibit more stability in acidic and alkali solution plus miscibility with other surfactants. Further, since these Fatty acid ethoxylate are nonionic surfactants they exhibit excellent foam properties, outstanding solvency and absolute chemical stability providing good detergency properties. Fatty Acid Ethoxylates are primarily used as non-ionic surfactants in a number of processes in the industrial and domestic boundaries. Since these fatty acid ethoxylate are having different HLB based on their moles of EO they can function as solubilizers, dispersing agents, emulsifiers, fabric softeners, antistatic additives, lubricants, and viscosity regulators in textiles, metal working fluids and leather processing. These Nonionic fatty acid ethoxylate surfactant products are friendly on the dermis even at greater loadings and exposure. Additionally due to their low toxicity and natural base, they find use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations. With reference to their ability to foam and low comparative cost, polyoxyethylene (fatty acid ester) have been the most attractive non-ionic detergent product in the market. When combined with different types of builders, these surface-active agents are ingredients for a majority of domestic and industrial cleaning applications. Fatty acid ethoxylates are also applied as cleansing agents, dispersants (emulsifiers), wetting agents water softeners and spin dying agents in textile Industries. However, they are also used as dispersants and solubilizes in cosmetics and health care industrial applications. Fatty acid ethoxylate includes; stearic acid ethoxylates, lauric acid ethoxylates and coco fatty acid ethoxylate. These products are used in textile and in the manufacture of spin finishes.

Venus manufactures Ethoxylated wide range of ethoxylate of C12 to C18 Fatty Acid like Coconut Fatty Acid, Lauric Acid, Oleic Acid, Stearic Acid etc. Fatty Acid Ethoxylate have many uses, primarily as nonionic surfactants in various formulations both, industrial & domestic.

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  • Fatty Acid Ethoxylates
      Oleic Acid 2.5-15 EO Moles
      Stearic Acid 8-70 EO Moles
      Coconut fatty Acid 10-12 EO Moles
      Rice Barn Fatty Acid 5 EO Moles


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