Tallow amines are derived from animal fats based fatty acids via the nitrile process. These tallow amines are obtained as mixtures of C12-C18 hydrocarbons, which in turn are derived from the abundant fatty acids in animal fat. The main source of tallow amine is from animal fats, but vegetable based tallow is also available and both can be ethoxylated to give non-ionic surfactants having similar properties.

Tallow amine ethoxylate are generally used in agriculture formulation for pesticides and as corrosion inhibitors. Venus Goa manufactures TAM-2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 15 and 20 moles EO. Tallow amine ethoxylate function as wetting agent, solubilizer in textile processing, anti-corrosion agent in oil & gas, and adjuvant in agrochemicals. For example, TAM (Tallow amine ethoxylate) -2EO is used in agricultural formulations. It can be used alone or in combination with other surfactants. (equivalent to Stepan-TOXIMUL TA-2)

Product Appearance @ 25 deg C pH  Amine Value HLB Moisture
TAM-2 Slightly hazy liquid  Alkaline 145-155 5.07 =1.0
TAM-3 Slightly hazy liquid  Alkaline 130-140 6.67 =1.0
TAM-5 Liquid Alkaline 105-115 9.13 =1.0
TAM-8 Liquid Alkaline 81-91 11.42 =1.0
TAM-9 Liquid Alkaline 75-85 12 =1.0
TAM-10 Liquid Alkaline 70-80 12.51 =1.0
TAM-15 Liquid Alkaline 52-62 14.29 =1.0
TAM-20 Liquid Alkaline 41-51 15.38 =1.0


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