Alkali stable surfactant

Alkali stable surfactant

Surfactants which are stable in alkaline solution generally ranging in high pH 10-14 are called Alkali stable Surfactant. As an example; T-Mulz 66H is the potassium salt of a blended anionic phosphate ester. It exhibits good solubility in high alkaline liquid formulations. It functions as an efficient hydro trope for coupling nonionic surfactants into alkaline detergents while adding detergency and wetting properties. Alkali stable Surfactant are used in heavy-duty liquid detergents, all-purpose hard surface cleaners, dry cleaning fluids, agricultural formulations and textile products.

Similarly T – DET®CSLF - 17, is a non-ionic, low foaming fatty alcohol polyethylene-polypropylene glycol end capped as monobenzyl ether. It has good stability in alkaline pH (caustic stable) and is readily biodegradable. The applications of T – DET®CSLF – 17 are in food & dairy cleaners, machine dish wash, metal cleaners, pulp & paper industry, as rinse aids, and wetting agent.


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