24/7 Research

24/7 Research

Committed to innovation Esteem operates a 24 hour research and development facility located in Goa India. Equipped with the latest analytical instruments this facility's primary goal is development of Non-ionic, Cationic, Anionic and Amphoteric surfactants with a strong focus on renewable resources. Equipped with pilot reactors for alkoxylation, Esteem is able to seamlessly transition products from the development phase into scale up production for customer trials.

Esteem analytical laboratory is equipped with advance instruments from Shimadzu. In addition to new product development the facility in Goa functions as an applications research centre for various industries serviced by Esteem, including textile, coatings, ink, paint, and HI&I. Now as part of the Harcros Chemical Group, Esteem' R&D, Scale-Up and QC groups collaborate with Harcros' global R&D teams located in United States and China. This allows Harcros' and Esteem' to jointly develop and manufacture products for customers with a global presence.


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